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A deep dive into AO Scan with videos, interactive activities, how-to's, and more

Understand SEFI

Subtle Energy Frequency Imprinting

Setup Profiles

Setup AO Scan device for friends and clients

Scan Effortlessly

Perform daily body and voice scans for optimal well-being

The goal of this training is to bring leaders of all walks of life

up to speed on the latest AO Scan Technology

Solex has developed new devices and systems in the areas of Energy, Frequency, Vibration & Resonance to provide you with education and feedback about how your body is performing, so that you can best optimize your wellbeing.

Our newest technologies include professional grade mobile and tablet devices, designed with practitioners and specialists in mind.

Your Guides

Enjoy a virtual sit-down with your AO Scan guides

Loran Swensen

President of Solex
and Innergy Development

Shelby Larsen

Field Management Director

Deb Durfey

Director of Sales and Support

Kerry Summers

Technology Specialist

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